Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All Kindsa Changes!

OK, I was having some real difficulties with the basic game.  It wasn't interactive enough, it didn't truly involve the scriptures enough, and it was just bogging down in too many rules.

But in my efforts to streamline it and make it more fun and scriptural, I was just making it worse and worse.

So it sat and stewed for a long time.  I've been talking things over a lot with a few of my main playtesters, mostly John and Kent, as well as Brendon.  I've melded a lot of the ideas they've thrown at me and I'm really excited about this latest revision.  It's almost a totally restructured game.

It's also still in its infancy, so I'll work it up and post it.  Unfortunately, it'll need cards with new effects, so I'll have to go through them AGAIN!

But I think I've got a good solid game base, now, that I can tweak and then expand with cardsets and cardpages.  And, maybe even publish!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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