Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Future of C&V

In the last few months, I've been giving a lot of thought to the future of the game.  It all started out when Covenant turned down the game.  No fault of theirs or mine, really, just a business decision, but it made me look at the game in a different way.

At first I wondered if I wanted to continue on with the game.  I mean, I'd put a lot of work into it, and if I were to carry on my own, I would have to put in a lot more.  Did I want to take that away from my family or my other pursuits, like music?  Or did I want to proceed with the game design?

Well, it seems like the game can't leave me alone.  As I've been mulling over the comments I've been getting back from some of the testers, and the comments I got back from Covenant, and combining that with my own knowledge of both game design and marketing, I've been getting hit with ideas out of nowhere to make it a more fun game, a more intense game, and ultimately  more marketable game.

So, what that means is another version of the game!  V6.0!  I'm going to start work on it this week, and hopefully have a basic cardset out within a few weeks after that.  I'm actually very excited about the ideas I have for the rules.  This new version will accommodate those that want to casually pick up a stack of verse cards, shuffle them and play the game, as well as those that want to be more in-depth gamers and make competitive decks.  That's a tricky balance to find, but I think we can make it happen!

Anyway, join me for the ride!

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