Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scripture Mastery Card: City on the Hill

I thought it would be kinda fun to talk about some of my favorite verse cards from the newest Scripture Mastery set!  I keep working on the game, but I don’t always post it up here.  This idea, I think will help keep me more consistent!  I’m going to start with some of my favorite power cards.  These verses, if the game were to ever get published would be analogous to the “rares” in Magic, or Yu-Gi-Oh.  There really isn’t, unfortunately, an LDS game to compare it to, yet.

This first verse is from the New Testament: Matthew 5:14.  The card quote is: “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”  It’s Pearl verse, which means that it can add one icon of any theme to the total of the chapter it’s in (like a wild card). It costs 3 to play it, and its special rules are: “Unique, ALSO, ABILITY: When you play any other verse, you may set another verse into the same chapter”

I’ve always loved this scripture.  I used it in a song, in fact!  It’s one of the LDS seminary Scripture Mastery verses, so it’s a good one to memorize, anyway.  It comes out of the Sermon on the Mount.  The Lord is telling his followers to go out and do good for the world around them.  Even if the service is quiet and humble, it will be seen.  It will set an example.  The world will “see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

As I was preparing this cardset for the LDS game, I thought that good examples have a tendency to spread.  If you do something good, it feels good and you want to do more.  Often, it inspires others.  Soon, a lot more good is getting done.  As I thought about this verse, it seemed to me that light shining and cities on the hill in this sense can get things moving more quickly.  So, this verse in play allows you to set an extra, additional verse each time you play one into a chapter.  If I were playing it, I’d set it into an empty chapter, and use it to build up other chapters for the books and the win!

Chapter and Verse is a new kind of LDS Game!  Check out the print-and-play prototype cards!


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