Saturday, July 6, 2013

Version 11.0 of the Rules and Cards

I've just posted version 11.0 of the cards and rules.  Really, there were almost no changes to the rules.  I had considered some, but Brendon and I decided to pass on each of the changes.  So, why a new version number?

Well, the cards were so deeply changed that I decided it warranted a new version.  Here are the changes:

1 - The addition of all of the new seminary Scripture Mastery verses, as outlined by materials I found at the website.  At first I struggled to decide what to do, because I really liked a lot of the passages that were removed from the list, and I really liked a lot of the cards and verse rules I had created for them.  I the end I decided to include the old ones and add in the new ones.  So, all of the verses are marked as either SM 2013 (meaning they're included in the new list), or SM Legacy (meaning they were only in the old list).  Verses that were on the old list and are still on the new list are marked SM 2013, too.

2 - The addition of a new theme icon: Life.  These are passages that relate to being alive, and living in the temporal day-to-day world.

3 - The icons and markers are more evenly balanced now.  I did some counting, and discovered that Faith and especially Wisdom were heavily over-represented, and Histories were sadly neglected. Much of this was due to the fact that the Scripture Mastery verses are more conceptual and doctrinal.  Still, I did some re-reading of the verses, and adjusted the icons and the markers so that there is a much more equitable count.  They are not equal, but it is much more balanced than it was before.

4 - Some of the basic verses were upgraded to power verses.  I know this really doesn't change much, but if the game is ever published, and we use my current packaging strategies, it will make the game more balanced.

5 - Brendon and I went through the verse rules, verse-by-verse and corrected a lot of verbiage and phrasing to make things more consistent, and fix ambiguities.

6 - I had to rework the layout of the prototype print-n-play pdf cards, because there were new things to include, like the Scripture Mastery SM 2013/Legacy label.

So, with all of those changes, I decided it deserved a new number.  I'm really hoping that, at this point, we've got the rules and the cards to the point where we could publish.  As I play the game, it really feels more complete now.

The new rules and cards are available for printing in the left sidebar.


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