Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Evening of LDS Games

Brendon and I had a bunch of friends come over last night for a few games.  Jacob wasn't with us, he and mom were up at the hospital.  He got admitted again on Friday.

The games were so energizing. Brendon and I started out by just explaining the game an demonstrating a few turns.  There were about seven of us, so we split into two groups, one of three and one of four, and we all started playing.  It was one older guy (dad to three of the boys) and another kid who likes to come to our house from time to time.  As we started playing, each one seemed to get the game pretty quickly.  My group was the three-player, and our game went longer.  The other group actually played two games in the same time frame.

After all the games, it was amazing to see everybody just jump in talking about how fun it was. Brendon and I had a great talk afterward about the game and about how teaching the game works.  It was all just great to have fun with friends with the scriptures.


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