Sunday, October 13, 2013

Judgement Day - LDS Card Game Verse of the Week

  • Revelation 20:12 “…And the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” 
  • Verse Rule: DISCARD: Remove this verse from the game. Then, for each verse in your blessing stack, choose up to one verse from your discard and place them in your hand. 
  • Sacrifice Cost: 2
  • Markers: Strength  
  • Icons: S, H, T

The Book of Revelation can be pretty intimidating and confusing, in much the same way as Isaiah, and, by extension, 2 Nephi.  It’s so full of metaphoric images and rhetorical devices it’s hard to tell what’s up and what’s real.

I wanted to give the player of this verse a really strong benefit for playing it, tied in with their blessings.  So, the idea is that they’re judged, and found blessed, so they get to pull things back into play.

In practical play, it turned out to be too powerful at first, because it was phrased badly.  When it was discarded, it allowed itself to be pulled back into the hand as one of the chosen discarded verses.  So, I rewrote that so it got discarded after the returning effect triggered.  That still didn’t work, because if a player had two Judgement Days, they could do essentially the same effect.

Finally, it was decided that it had to be either unique or removed from play.  In the end, I decided on the latter.  It’s a cool verse, and it’s now not the game-owner that it used to be. Thank heavens for playtesting!


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