Sunday, October 4, 2015

Latter-Day Voices

Each time General Conference rolls around, I have a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook! I love livetweeting what I'm hearing, and reading the thoughts that others post. You can kind of get a feeling for the zeitgeist of Mormondom based on the lines they tweet. Those are the quotes that hit people.

So, I pick out some of the more commonly tweeted and retweeted lines, and I've started to make those into verse cards! Between last year's conferences and this year's, I'll soon have enough for a booster to make available.

Here are some of the ones for this year:

This one, named "Crazy Life" came from Pres Uchtdorf's Saturday talk about simplifying life. I grabbed that one word and decided that was the power of the verse. I'll make it simple, with the Quote mechanic!

When Elder Maynes talked about the pottery class, and then the sister after him also mentioned the concept in some hymn lyrics, I knew that would make a great verse card. Especially since the potter's whee is such a cool visual. This quote was a nice gem of wisdom, so the icons were easy to choose. I didn't think this one needed any special rules.

So, those will do instead of the regular featured card of the week, right?


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