Thursday, May 26, 2016

Title of Liberty Playtesting is Underway!

I've been very excited! The first four playtest games of Seeker's Quest - Title of Liberty have been quite successful and very revealing! The first tests have been using only TOL verses in randomized decks. Once I feel that the set is functional, consistent, and unbroken, then we'll do some testing with mixed decks (including verses from the Scripture Mastery set).

Since there's not as many draw or seek verses in this set, the play is very different. Also, a lot of the verse rules play well within specific stories, so I think they cater to preconstructed decks moreso than the SM set. All of that tends to lend itself to play that's more focused on icons and books than on combos so far.

We'll see how that plays out once we get into testing with precon decks. I'm particularly interested in how a battle deck will play out. I'm a bit afraid that it might be broken in a precon deck. We'll have to see!  That's what platesting is for, right?

If anyone is interested in cutting out some cards and trying it at home, I'd sure appreciate it! Contact me at, or leave a comment below, and I'll set you up!

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