Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mo' Geek at its Highest


I thought that, as the creator of a Mormon Collectible Card Game, that I would become the uber-mo-geek.  That would make me the L337-est of the L337.  The highest echelon of the nerdtheon.

Not so.

I have been way outcooled.

I found a site today where some people with a bigger sense of faith and fun even than I (and with way too much time on their hands) are translating the Book of Mormon into Klingon.

Amazing.  In some sort of twisted way, it reminds me much of the Sons of Mosiah, led by Alma the younger, who left the safety of their homes to preach the gospel to the bad guys.  Even if the bad guys in this case are, sadly, imaginary.

On the serious side, I do know that from attending a foriegn-speaking mission, that addressing the scriptures from the point of view of another language is a great way to really learn what the scriptures are saying.  In order to translate it, you have to truly understand it.  So, from that perspective, those who are attempting this undertaking will, at the very least, come out the other end with a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

In some ways, I can relate this project also to my efforts to build C&V.  In order to invent the special effects of the cards, I have to consider what the verse is truly saying, and see how to "translate" that into a way the verse plays as a card.

So, while I'm laughing at these guys trying to translate the B of M into Klingon, I'll also tip my hat to them!

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