Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Play the Game Tonight"

Wasn't that the hook of some silly song from the '80's?  If not, it probably should have been.

Brendon and I played a game of Yu-Gi-Oh and I lost miserably.  That's pretty much par for the course.  The games are still fun, though.  I just don't put that much effort into collecting cards making killer YGO decks.  That's more Brendon's obsession.

Then, after that, we played a game of C&V.  That was really fun.  I love watching him try and quote the verses.  He's only 9, so he struggles with some of the words, but he gets them close enough.  He won that one, too, but it was a much closer game.  I was down to two blessing cards when he finally went out.  He threw down some good strategies, too.

We were just playing with random decks.  After the game, I started playing with some deck building.  I don't really have any ideas in mind, I just thought I'd start with similar themes.  I started with the idea of a strength deck.  But I didn't have enough cards to do that fully, so I'll have to print up more.  The thought occurred to me that because of things like the "Quote" ability, and the extra draw effects of the Faith cards, a Wisdom/Faith deck would probably do quite well.

I'll play with these ideas and then post what I come up with.

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