Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Which I Go Through Phases

Life is cyclical, right?

So it is with Chapter and Verse.

See, I have too many hobbies, and too many interests, and not enough time or money to really pursue any of them.  One is this thrill I get from gaming and game design, and another is my LDS rock music, and yet a third is dutch oven cooking.  Mixed into all that is blogging and internet marketing (which is my day job).  Oh, and I also have a wonderful family that I try and take care of on occasion.  So far, they haven't disowned me.

So, I go through these phases where one or more of the "extra-curricular" hobbies takes center stage and the others tend to get pushed off. 

Gaming is pretty much a constant, but game design, particularly working on Chapter and Verse, tends to get sidelined a lot.  I've been working pretty steadily on a new CD, and also have been gradually preparing a dutch oven bread cookbook.  So, I've not worked much on C&V.

I haven't abandoned it, though.  In the years since the last blog entry, it's actually gone through another full revision, with a few sub-revisions.  I played with some card design ideas, and put them up on a facebook page.  I even joined a Mormon Game Design e-group, and started an online class in game design theory.  Great stuff.  Even still, I hadn't seriously looked at it in about a year.  Then, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested we dig it out of mothball and give it a spin.

He got excited about it, and that fueled my own excitement.  That night, he and I fixed a few issues that have been troubling me about the rules and the concept ever since.  In a flood of ideas and activity, I've done another full revision, and now we're up to version 8.1 of the rules.  My son and I have been testing the new revisions.

I know I've said this before, but I'm finally feeling like it's solid, playable, and FUN! 

All that has made me rethink many things about the game, and the status of the website is a big part of that.  So, I've been copy/pasting  all of the old blog entries to this new Blogger.com spot, and it's now done!  I'm missing a few pictures and a few of the links, but it's still online.  I'm going to transfer the domain as soon as I get more of the static content added.  It will be much better!

Thanks for taking the time to play along.  We'll keep you updated!

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