Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Progress, More Testing

I've been doing some more testing lately, and the more I play 8.1, the more excited I get.  It just keeps feeling more and more smooth and consistent. 

I have been noticing, however, as I've been playing, that I need to tweak up the cards some.  There are a few cards that need to be rewritten.  Not the scriptures, of course!  Mostly the effects.  Some of them have had the same effects text for the last three or four versions, and it's time to update!  Others just need to be more balanced.  For example, there are a few cards that simply cost too little to play, and the sacrifice cost needs to be higher.  Or maybe the ability needs to be tempered a little.  If, while you're playtesting, you find verses in need of editing, please let me know, via comment here, or via email!

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