Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Scripture!

I’m starting a new feature here at the Chapter and Verse Website blog! It’ll be called the Sunday Scripture. What I’m going to do is pull up a random verse card from one of my decks, and comment on it. I might talk about the scripture and what it means, I might talk about how that meaning inspired the game mechanics of the effects or the numbers, and I might talk about some cool combos that can be made with that verse.

This time I pulled:

#82 – A Clean Slate: D&C 64:10 “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.”

Stats: S2, W2, F0, H0, T1; Topic: The Law; Theme: S,W Effect: Quote

I really like this one, because it tells me that I don’t have to be judgmental. In a lot of ways, this is a very freeing verse. Sometimes we look at forgiveness like it’s a burden, and difficult. Someone wronged us, and they should pay for that.

The bottom line is that we need to leave that stuff in the hands of the Lord. He, who knows all about us and all about those who’ve hurt us, is in the best position to judge. He can tell who He’s going to forgive, based on whether or not they are repentant. He knows their hearts.

We, on the other hand, don’t. We don’t know their stories, nor where they’ve been in life. Our judgment is flawed. So, we simply have to forgive and trust that the Lord will handle it.

Now, these days, it’s tough because we’re told by so much media that revenge is the way to live. Movie after movie is all about getting tough and getting back. For many years, and through many administrations, our country’s foreign policy is often driven more by a desire to “get the bad guys” than it is by what’s best for us all.

When I was in seminary, I loved this one because it was very easy to remember. For that reason alone, (and the fact that it’s a “Wisdom” verse), I made its effect a simple “Quote”. I have this one in my “Quote it” deck, but there’s no real combo I’ve attached to it. It’s just one that I can easily quote and throw down for free to complete up a book.

Nothing fancy on this one. Forgive me! :-)

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