Friday, March 23, 2007

2 Points, or Not 2 Points?

I've played a few more test games, and I'm a bit at a loss.  I need your help.

The question is all about the rule that starts each turn with 2 free blessing points, before you have to sacrifice any cards.  Here's some of my thoughts and experiences.

As I've been playing, I've tried it both with and without the points.  I've noticed that when I play games with the rule in place, there's less sacrificing of cards.  That's not really a problem, I guess, but I feel like it messes with the economy of the cards, and the card flow of the game.

But on the other hand, without it, people tend to hold their cards, and fewer cards actually get played , which really messes with the flow.  Also, there's fewer extra points available, so it's not so often that I use the "Quote It" rule.

So, what's your experience been?  How does it feel?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

And they're ready!

Surprise!  It didn't take me days to do.  They're back online as version 3.1.  Go check them out.  They feel much more balanced to me.

New, New Cards

As I've been preparing the cards for the prototype publication, I've been reworking a lot of the abilities and stats of the verses themselves.  I thought I had that nailed down, but as I was cutting apart a set of cards last night, I found some more things that needed tweaking.

So, I've been going through those cards page by page, to make sure that this or that effect was feasible, that it cost the right amount, that the sacrifice points were all reasonable, etc...  I've been also checking for spelling and typos in the verse references and the descriptions themselves as well.

So, hopefully that'll all be done in another day or two, and back up online.