Thursday, October 25, 2007

Decks! and Rules!

There's lots of cool new stuff over in the playtester's page.  You gotta check it out!

First of all, we're excited to announce the creation and release of two playtest decks!  The first one is based on the "Quote" mechanic.  It'll be interesting to see just how this one plays out.  Almost every card has the ability, so if someone were good at memorizing, they'd be able to play verse after verse for free!

Then, there's the Strength of Faith!  This deck is made of cards from the Strength and Faith themes.  Those two play together quite nicely, bringing verses to the hand and drawing blessings.

It'll be fun to try these out and see how they play.  Give them a game or two and tell me how they do!

Also, there's a new version of the rules and the first cardset.  Nothing's really changed much.  There was a need for a clarification.  Now, verses that are played as a result of another verse's effect are not "played" but are "set". If a verse is set, its own effect doesn't trigger.  Its numbers still count in chapters, but no effects.  This keeps the long chains of effects down.

And, based on some feedback I got from James, I created a one-page quick start guide to get you playing right away.  The details of the game are still in the rules, but to just start throwing verses down, you can start with the quick start.  It's not so intimidating as 8+ pages of rules!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On the Phone

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Yesterday, I got an email from James H Fullmer, creator of the "Book of Mormon Battles" game.  He offered a few words of encouragement, and then asked me to give him a call and talk about LDS gaming.  I did, and we were on the phone for about an hour last night.

What a great guy!  He's been working on (and is now about to publish) a game called "Warriors of the Promised Land".  When I first heard about it, I was in a bit of shock.  Could the small niche Mormon audience actually support two CCG's?  Here, I hadn't even started yet, really, and there was competition.

But what fun to chat with him.  He had all sorts of words of advice and help to offer.  Try this, remember that when you plan for publication...  While I was getting too caught up in the scarcity mentality, he had that mindset of plenty that Covey talks about.  Dive in!  Give it a try!  There is plenty and to spare!

What a great guy!  Make sure you check out his game when it hits the LDS bookstores this month!