Monday, September 8, 2008

Discussion Group

I just set up a YahooGroup (an email discussion group) where people who are playing the game can talk and share ideas.  I'd love to meet lots of  you there.  Share your card ideas, your decks, and your strategies! Help us make this game amazing!

It can be found at

Join in the discussion!


Rebirth, Refocus

I haven't done a thing with the game or the website in a long time, as you can see.  For a long time, I've been wondering what the future of the game is.  It's not practical for me to try and self-publish the game, and I can't really do a lot of development as a single author.  I was simply not sure what to do next.  In the meantime, a lot of my own additional creative effort was going into my music and my blogging.

So, today, I was noticing that, even without any promotional effort on my part, people are still signing up as playtesters on the mailing list.  And that baffles me a bit.  I haven't done any thing at all to encourage that or to promote it.  But still people are coming and checking the game out.

Suddenly, as I was commenting to my wife about that phenomenon, it hit me in a rush of the Spirit.  I need to keep doing the game, to keep adding to it, and I need to not worry about whether or not it will EVER get published.  I just need to make the game and share it with everyone out there.  As that thought came to my mind, I was overwhelmed and it even brought tears to my eyes.  That was my answer.  I just need to make and share.

So, suddenly, I have a clear vision.  I will do just that.  I spent the rest of the evening re-editing the v6.0 of the rules, and then I posted it and the 6.0 cardset.

Please join in the fun.  If you've never tried Chapter and Verse, give it a whirl.  If you've got an older version, give 6.0 a try.  And let me know what you think!