How to Play

How to Play "Seeker's Quest"

The "Learning Game"

This is a "lighter version" of the game, designed to introduce you to the rules and the flow of play. It's not the standard way of playing, but it's a great way to get started.  In the standard game, there are more verses, more strategies, and more interaction with the scriptures.

The quickest and easiest way to get started with Seeker's Quest is to learn how to play from your friend. We know that it's not always possible to do that, however, so we've created the next best thing: a friend on video to show you the game!  Here are a series of videos to show you how to play the Learning Game.

Part 1: Intro, The Cards

 Part 2: The Setup

Part 3: The First Turn

Part 4: "Prayer" and "Keyword"

Part 5: Closing a Book

Part 6: Ending the Game

Here is the whole series in Playlist form:

When playing the Learning Game, make sure that you're using Learning game cards.  You'll see the word "Learning" in the small print at the bottom right of the card.  These cards are also included in the standard game.

After you've watched the videos, you can play, and for reference, you can download the full Learning Game rules here.

The "Standard Game"

Then, once you've played the Learning game a few times, you can step up into the standard game, and use these additional rules.

Notice that this rule book is an addition to and an expansion of the Learning game rules, so read them second.

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