What Is SQ?

Seeker's Quest (Formerly: "Chapter & Verse") is a collectible card game (also know as Trading Card Game, CCG, or TCG) based on the four standard works of scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or the Mormons. Have fun playing, and remember the scriptures. Each card is a verse from The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, or the Pearl of Great Price. The prototype cardset is based on the Scripture Mastery Verses, so it’s also great for Seminary.

We're currently looking for pre-publication "beta" playtesters to help us refine the game before we look at marketing options. Too many games on the market today (both secular AND religious) suffer from insufficient playtesting. These result in games that are confusing, problematic, and ultimately unsatisfying. Click into the "Playtesters" page and help us make Chapter & Verse the fun and uplifting LDS game we know it can be!

An Overview:

The game, on the surface, is quite simple.  Each card is a verse of scripture.  It has points, called "Book Points" that show how well that verse relates to each of five topics:

    * Red – The color of action: Things to do, commandments, obedience
    * Yellow – The light of Knowledge: Doctrine, instruction, learning
    * Blue – Look to the heavens for guidance: Spirituality, faith, things to be
    * White – The color of the pages we write on: Stories of the past and prophecies of the future
    * Black – The darkness of the challenges we face: Suffering, struggles, temptations

The cards are played in stacks called "chapters".  When a group of chapters has 7 matching themes in it, it becomes a completed "book".  When a book is completed, players that played verses into it draw "blessing" cards, and the first player to draw all his blessings wins the game!

Now if that was it, it would be a pretty cool game.  But Seeker's Quest takes it to the next level.

Many cards (Called "Verses" in the game) have special abilities and effects that you can play.   It's almost as if each card you play can change the rules of the game just a little bit.  Before you know it, you're combining this verse with another and another to get your books done, and to slow your opponents down.  Some effects help you and help your opponents, too!  You just never know what might happen, and no two games are the same.

Plus, with a growing collection of cards, a player can set their own deck up to bring out the best in all the cards.

Can you master the Seeker's Quest?

So, download the basic rules and the basic cards.  Join the mailing list below and keep posted on new card pages and card sets.  Help us playtest and develop the most exciting new concept in LDS scripture games!