Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Games! And a new deck.

I had a great weekend.  My family went up to Park City, UT to just relax and enjoy.  We invited another family to go with us, some great, long-time friends.  The dad and I ended up playing Chapter and Verse, and he really liked it.  He kept jumping in with suggestions for graphics. 

I made an amazing deck, and even took on Brendon's "Quote it!" deck.  Brendon's deck is all based on using the Quote mechanic to play lots of verses for free.  Then, he also has some fluff cards that he can discard to make me quote things.  It's a tough deck to beat.

But "The Work and The Glory" did it!  It's based on two cards:  The Work of God, and the Glory of God.  These two cards share an effect and a combo.  If the two are played into the same chapter, you can close up the chapter into a book no matter how many icons there are or of what kind.

Two cards, one book. Boom.

So, every other verse in the deck is geared toward putting those two verses in your hand.  It turns out that there are, like, three verses that have a keyword effect that can pull those verses forward.  Then, I added a lot of verses with the prayer effect, so that I could dig through my deck quicker and get to those two verses.

Here's the deck:

"The Work and the Glory"  (3 copies of each verse)

4 - God and Moses
10 - Job's Testimony
13 - Talking With God
14 - The Marvel
33 - Stephen's Sacrifice
42 - The Word of God
45 - Show Me
51 - The Work of Satan
56 - Helping Man, Helping God
57 - A Child's Humility
68 - Kindness and Love
79 - Don't Wait
96 - The Glory of God
97 - The Work of God
98 - The Heart of Zion

It's a pretty cool deck!  Maybe here soon, I'll post up Brendon's "Quote it" deck.  It's pretty good! 

If any of you out there reading this has had any deck ideas, just post a comment, and tell us all about it.


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