The Mastery Game!

On the back of the Facilitator cards and the Chapter Cards, are Mastery Tracking Cards.  These are to help you win "The Mastery Game"! Here’s how they work.

The Mastery Game adds yet one more layer to playing Seeker’s Quest, and is at the core of the game’s name.  All players, as they first begin playing the game, can become “Seekers”, and then, as they play more and more games, can progress in the quest through Mastery levels until they’re “Master Scriptorians”!

Every time you play a game, whether you win or lose, you can ask your opponent to sign one of your Mastery cards. He/she can also ask you to sign his/her card. As you fill your first card, you become a Seeker, and your quest begins! As you fill more and more Mastery cards, you progress in level. Here are the levels:

Total number of filled cards     Title
1                                                Seeker
3                                                Researcher
5                                                Searcher
7                                                Sage
10                                              Scriptorian
13                                              Master Scriptorian
+3 additional each level           2nd Level Master Scriptorian, etc...

Here are some additional ideas for Mastery Achievements
Mastery Card Requirement      Title
Build a Strength deck (3/4 of
 all verses in the deck have a
 Strength marker), and use
that deck and its side deck
to fill 2 cards                            Seeker of Strength
As above, but for any of the
other themes                            Seeker of (Theme Name)
At least one card using a
deck of each of the six
theme icons (not including
Pearl)                                       Sage of the Themes
2 cards where you teach
the game to new players          Instructor
5 cards where you teach
the game to new players          Sage Instructor

 Here are the rules:

  • Only sign on one particular card once.  If you’ve already signed that card before, don’t sign it again.  You can sign on another card owned by that same player, though.
  • Only sign one card per player per game.
  • If you’re playing a big, multiplayer game, you can sign cards for each opponent, and each one can sign your cards.
  • Sign and collect signatures whether you win or lose.  Seeker’s Quest is a competitive game, and you do your best to win, but you achieve Mastery levels no matter the outcome.
  • When you gain a new level, take a picture with the filled cards, and post it up for everyone to see at!

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