Monday, September 8, 2008

Rebirth, Refocus

I haven't done a thing with the game or the website in a long time, as you can see.  For a long time, I've been wondering what the future of the game is.  It's not practical for me to try and self-publish the game, and I can't really do a lot of development as a single author.  I was simply not sure what to do next.  In the meantime, a lot of my own additional creative effort was going into my music and my blogging.

So, today, I was noticing that, even without any promotional effort on my part, people are still signing up as playtesters on the mailing list.  And that baffles me a bit.  I haven't done any thing at all to encourage that or to promote it.  But still people are coming and checking the game out.

Suddenly, as I was commenting to my wife about that phenomenon, it hit me in a rush of the Spirit.  I need to keep doing the game, to keep adding to it, and I need to not worry about whether or not it will EVER get published.  I just need to make the game and share it with everyone out there.  As that thought came to my mind, I was overwhelmed and it even brought tears to my eyes.  That was my answer.  I just need to make and share.

So, suddenly, I have a clear vision.  I will do just that.  I spent the rest of the evening re-editing the v6.0 of the rules, and then I posted it and the 6.0 cardset.

Please join in the fun.  If you've never tried Chapter and Verse, give it a whirl.  If you've got an older version, give 6.0 a try.  And let me know what you think!

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