Saturday, November 24, 2007

A book of Mormon Cardset!

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Since the 2008 Curriculum for the seminary program is all about the Book of Mormon, we’re starting to work on a cardset of 100 verses focused on the Book of Mormon! There’ll be a few new game mechanics, like battle, and an increased focus on characters and the Histories theme.

What I need from everyone that comes here is some help! Take just a minute and leave a comment on this blog entry. Tell me your favorite:

  1. Book of Mormon verses
  2. Book of Mormon characters
  3. Book of Mormon stories (that my teacher tells to me…)

Let me tell you some of mine to get you started!

  1. The conversion of Zeezrom. What a story. I’d love to see that one written up and shot as a movie! It’s got everything. Intrigue, murder, politics… Everything you need for a good action show! And it gets me everytime I read about Zeezrom leaping up from his sick bed, after Alma and Amulek give him the blessing.
  2. Christ coming to America. Another powerful story. So much has been written about this one, that I’m not sure what I could add in a little blog here.
  3. The journey to the Promised Land. I love studying Lehi’s borderline dysfunctional family. It gives me hope for my own. Of course we only get to see it through Nephi’s eyes. I often wonder what it would read like if Sam had wrote it. I mean, he’s righteous, but he would have still seen it all from a different perspective.
  4. The Final Battles in the end would make a great movie as well. A sad, sad tragedy.

Anyway, you folks tell me what your favorites are!

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